After its presence in the TV series Monica Chef, this time our ERGOS chairs are present in C.R.A.K.S., the new Disney Channel XD España TV series. This is Carlos’ story, a young student who created a game called C.R.A.K.S., with his friend Martín’s help (acronym for Carlos Ruiz Amazing Kicks Shooter). In addition to the TV series, there is also an app for tablets and smartphones, in which TV viewers can have access to contents and events related to the series, as well as they have the possibility of playing the videogame created by Carlos.

In the classroom scenes, our ERGOS line stands out by its vivid colours. Once again, ERGOS proves to be a very appealing line for the European markets, because it is ideal for more interesting classrooms.

Beyond C.R.A.K.S., Spanish television will also count on the Italian TV series Monica Chef, so ERGOS will obtain more prominence. This TV series will also be broadcasted in Brazilian television; given that, ERGOS line will show its presence in Latin America. This proves that Portuguese products not only conquer European markets, but also the other side of the Atlantic.