The colour selection in a classroom has an important role not only in learning, but also in students’ behaviour, communication, productivity and wellbeing. Colour is an important tool for sharing of ideas and for the students’ development, in other words, cognitive skills and reasoning, promoting educational success.

Our Ergos line is now richer and vibrant, with the new colour light plum, which stands out for being a tendency this year. The use of rich colours, like light plum, decreases passivity and monotony, bringing more vitality to learning environments. Given that, students will show higher interest and will be more motivated to participate during the class.

Light plum produces feelings of calmness, comfort and relaxation, creating a colourful and welcoming space. It’s a sales success, with much receptivity and, given that, we are available to send samples, in order to confirm all the advantages that this colour brings to learning environments.