We are happy where we are well!

How often is the challenge of modern life to deny the requests that come from everywhere and finally give ourselves a moment of tranquility?
We often feel that we are just wasting time, but the truth is that stopping to feel is part of the regeneration of our mind and body. Community gathering places are often uncomfortable and not conducive to well-being, but Nautilus’ projects have tried to change this paradigm.
Nautilus has decided to take on a challenge to provide comfort for 8600 people at once by manufacturing the seats for the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity in Fatima. For this project it was necessary to rethink the use of space and create a specific software program to create seats that follow the semicircular shape, respecting the spacing on the floor so as not to block the air conditioning vents, thus creating non-folding seats so that the noise does not deconcentrate those in prayer, allowing accessible, comfortable and folding genuflectors for safety and visual harmony.
The complexity at work for the simplicity of living in an ecumenical space that unites citizens from all over the world and from many different ethnicities. The wooden benches with individual upholstery allow the comfort required for this very special place. The colors are discreet so that our concentration focuses on the essential and detaches from the accessory.
We are approaching May 13th, the date that celebrates the beginning of a story that would change Portugal and that would later mark Nautilus as well.