🌻 Decorate your outdoor space without an expiration date.

How often have we dreamed of creating a cozy corner to enjoy time on a balcony and find ourselves limited in the choices of materials for not being able to be exposed all year round.

The freedom of comfort allied to the longevity of the materials is more than a detail in the choice of Ergos chairs that are made to resist for years, both the sun without losing color and the rain without getting moldy stains. Our chairs are stackable, which allows you to free up space for other uses. And they are also prepared to resist UV rays and that this exposure is one of the most effective, fast and ecological ways of anti-bacterial cleaning. With our chairs you are sure to contribute to the circular economy and lower your environmental footprint, since they are durable and completely recyclable! ♻️

👉 Ergos Chairs: discover its various applications:

Ergos One

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